This is my "business card" on the Internet. It is an easy way to keep some information about myself current and available. It is also nice to have somewhere to test web technology.

I've had the pleasure to work with Internet since 1988 and have had the opportunity to be part of the development. In my opinion we are still in an early stage of the evolution of the net.

Other information

I'm sorry, but most of this site is Norwegian. But things that might be of interest for a broader IT professional audience are written in English. I've marked those parts in the Sitemap. If I ever get the time, I'll try to make things more multilingual.

The Hausken name

The domain name hausken.com is registered for the use of me and my family. The name comes from three farms in the county of Rogaland in the south-western corner of Norway. So if you're name is Hausken it is a good chance that one of your ancestors came from Rogaland. If you want firstname@hausken.com as e-mail address, send me a mail and I'll see if I can fix that for you as a "family favor".

Peter Hausken
Tel: +47 - 916 71 711